Saturday, 19 November 2016

[Glory Brats] Bee and Zed

He heard her rattle at the door handle, and then the noise of her rummaging amongst the shelves on either side of the small storage area that he knew was there. There was a crash, the sound of smashing glass, and she emerged after a few moments, gripping her arm tight, blood seeping out from under her fingers.

Zed's eye's widened. "You're hurt!

"Yes, smartboy. Can you fix it?" She leant against the wall and slid to a crouch on the floor, cradling her arm against her chest.


  1. I love how Zed just accepts that she can't see, and then goes about his business :). But I'm so curious as to where they are and what's going on!! give me more!! :D

    1. Oh good, I was trying to get that acceptance across. Check back soon for more! (It will be an Ahdee or Eevee snippet next)

  2. Replies
    1. They are about to discover that they are not alone...