Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Glory Brats fragments

Bee heard the thing on the floor cry out when she kicked it. She didn't expect that. The voice echoed in the long corridor. "What did you do that for?"

It was small, smaller than she was. She crouched down on the tiled floor. "You were in my way."

She stretched her hands into the space where it should be and grasped a wrist. It tried to pull away, but she was stronger than it. "Stop wriggling. I want to see what you look like."

She felt hands tug at the band around her eyes, so she calmly twisted her head out of the way.

"But you can't see with that on..."

"Figure of speech." She ran her fingers over the short stubbled hair on top of the head, then moved down the face, feeling the blink and brush of  eyelashes. When she reached the elbow on the left side of the body she stopped, puzzled. The thing was suddenly very still and she drew her hands away. "What's wrong with your arm?"


"Yes there is, it's--"

"What's wrong with your eyes?"

The corridor was very quiet. She stood up, and heard the small thing shuffling.

"I'm Bee. What are you?"


"Well Zed, shall we get out of here?"


"You, me. Two of us. We. I don't want to stay here, do you?"


"Right then, let's move."


Adee stood on his bed and took a flying leap onto the chair at the other side of the room. At least, that was the idea. He didn't quite make it. Without stopping to brush himself down, he cannoned into the door and burst out into the corridor, hitting the opposite wall. Clapping one hand to his bruised forehead, a slow smile broke across his pale face. "Coool..."

He ran to the door at the end of the hallway and kicked it open. He found himself in another dimly lit space, and squinted his eyes to see better in the gloom. The door nearest him had a faint glow of light  coming through a pane of glass set into the frame. He headed for this door, rubbing his bare feet on the soft floor covering. Drawing his foot back to kick again, he suddenly paused, and gave the door a quick shove. It swung open, and he pushed it harder so that the handle hit against the wall with a dull bang. He padded around the desk in the centre of the room and gave the chair an experimental push. It twirled around and a smile brightened his face again. Jumping onto the seat, he kicked at the desk and pushed off with his feet, spinning the chair round and round, his legs swinging out with the momentum.


Em crawled out from under her bed and ran to the door. She looked up at the handle, but it was too high for her to reach. Looking around the room, she fixed her eyes on the chair in the corner. It was sturdy, with heavy weights in the bottom to stop it toppling over, but by pushing her whole weight against it, she managed to get it over to the door. She scrambled onto the seat, and flopped over the back of the chair, her head tilted back. She huffed and puffed, and noticed the emergency lights flickering behind a grate in the ceiling. She shifted her eyes from the lights, to the door handle, to the top of the door frame, and finally to the gap in the grate that allowed it to open when something needed fixed.

Flexing her little fingers, she perched on the chair, braced her foot on the solid bit of the door handle, and stretched as far as she could. She grasped the edge of the door frame with her left hand and reached out with the other facing upward towards the grate. The tips of her fingers caught at the gap and she gave it a tug. It seemed securely fastened, so she tightened her grip and swung her other hand over to join it. The sudden extra weight of her small body made the grate come loose, and it lurched down on its hinges, taking her with it. Her legs hit off the back of the chair, but she held on to the grate with both hands and drew her knees towards her chest. She straightened her legs and tried to catch her feet on the edge of the shaft, grazing her heels in the process. Determined, she moved her hands to the other side of the grate and twisted her body round. She then used the holes in the grate to climb until her fingers felt cold smooth metal underneath. By that time, she could hook her toes into the grate and pushed upwards, hauling herself into the shaft. She perched in the opening, looking down onto the tiled floor.

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