Saturday, 1 July 2017

[Glory Brats] There must be an easier way

Zed found Bee in a large room just off the hall where they had found Dee. She was sitting in a chair that spun around as she kicked at the base. He stood in the doorway for a while, looking round at the room. It had a soft covering on the floor that was nice under his feet, and he curled his toes into it. The walls were covered in wide shelves with odd things on them at regular intervals. He wanted to go and look at them but then he remembered what he'd come to say.

"Dee wants...we're going to go to the room where the food is. He wants some food too." When she didn't reply, he raised his voice a bit. "Dee and I were..."

"I heard you the first time." She stopped the chair so that she was facing away from him. "Go where you like. I'm not going to stop you."

He hesitated, wanting to say that he meant that she could come too, that they should all stay together now, but he couldn't find the right words. She started the chair spinning again and he backed out of the room to where Dee was waiting for him.

Dee was already standing on the table trying to get up to the ventilation grate, but he was too small to get to it on his own and the surface of the door didn't give his bare feet any grip. Zed clambered up to join him on the table, and crouched down so that the younger boy could stand on his shoulders.

"Why have you only got one hand?"

Zed stared at the door. "That's just the way I am."

"Oh, right-o."

He felt Dee's weight on his shoulders and braced himself until Dee had scrambled through the gap onto the metal shelves. He stood up, and stretched. "There must be an easier way to get around this place."

Dee looked at him through the space above the door.  "But I like doing this." He grinned. "It's better than being stuck in one room all day."

"What about where your room is?" Zed asked. "Maybe we could find an easier way through there?"

Dee leaned forward through the gap. "It's through that door there." He pointed. "It swang open when I ran into it. I thought it would be locked. I bumped my head."

Zed jumped down from the table and went to look. A bunch of keys hung from the lock. He took them over to show them to Dee. "Someone must have unlocked the door before they all left."

"Why did they go now?" Dee wondered. "They've never left before."

Bee came to the door of the other room. "I don't care. I'm glad they've gone."

"But they left us here on our own!"

"Maybe it's another experiment..." Zed said slowly. "They could be watching to see what we do."

Dee stuck his tongue out. "There. That's what I think of them and their stupid experiments."

"If it's an experiment then they won't let us get out of here." Bee said, frowning.

Zed held up the keys. "But we can try!"

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