Friday, 12 April 2013

[Northspell 3] the princess visits the kitchen

There was an open door just past the cabinet. She darted into the room and took a deep breath. On the table just in front of her was a plate piled high with little bread rolls, shiny with glaze. She could smell them - warm and sugary. She reached out a hand to take the top one. As she lifted it off, a figure emerged from an alcove in the corner. Startled, the princess dropped the roll, causing half the pile to tumble off the plate and onto the floor.

'What the...'

The princess ducked underneath the table. Footsteps came nearer.

'Pot boy, if that's you, I'll have your hide...'

1 comment:

  1. Remember the tray! THE TRAAAAAYYY! =P As the tray is placed in after her I found myself wondering as to how the tray didn't press up against her legs as she was crammed into the space - that too, also, that she was 'crammed' despite a tray being placed in there beside her.

    Anyway, great piece! Much love!