Saturday, 22 November 2014

I want to tell you of beautiful things

I want to tell you of beautiful things

like how the leaves on the cherry trees hang in the autumn air as if they've been pasted on to the sky

or the way she jumps in puddles with both red gum boots.

The days are colder now that we're nearing winter but in the morning the sun hits the treetops and I think

we'll go to the park today. She goes so high on the climbing frame

I get scared but I don't let her know.

s'like flying

she says on the swings

i can kick the clouds with my red boots.


  1. Thanks for commenting Becca.I had missed this last post way back in November (I was out of the country and not able to blog or visit much) but I think it is beautiful.

    1. Thank-you, Jenny - this is one of those fragments that gets tossed around my head and doesn't really fit anywhere, but that's what my lumber room is for! I'm just off to read your travel blogs now, with a cup of tea...

  2. awww, so playful!! =) winter is a fun time! I miss the cold winters up north!! Also, I dropped by to tell you I am running the Book Blog awards this year for the 2nd year in a row and wanted to let you know nominations are open until October 31st . There are 15 awards up for grabs this year. You may nominate your own blog or ask your readers to nominate you. Readers vote on November 15th.
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